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MERIDIAN CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED, is a multi crore Company started under the guidelines and supervision of Sri Kunala Punna Rao as the Chairman & Managing Director in 1989.   Sri Kunala Punna Rao is a Post Graduate in Commerce from Andhra University Campus and well crafted in Business Management as well as Administration wing.   He started his career as Manufacturer of Poultry and Cattle Feeds in the year 1970, afterwards entered into Marketing of Veterinary Drugs and Poultry Feed Supplements.   This vast experience helps him to understand and recognize the problems of Poultry Farmers and need of introduction of new formulations to prevent the Poultry diseases, which are faced by the most of poultry farmers.   MCPL ever since its inception is thriving to manufacture quality and effective formulations like Antibiotics, Antibacterials, Anthelmintics, Anti Gout, Anti Viral, Toxin Binders, Growth Promoters etc., which are the best suitable to the present poultry market and profit gaining to the farmers.   For that reason only MCPL released the Products both in Allopathic and Herbal Ways.   MCPL also manufacturing Human Medicines in the newly constructed unit according to G.M.P. Drug Rules.

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